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Mountainside Village

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Business Incubation - Part 2  Live-Work.

Live-Work, work on the ground floor & live upstairs.  It’s both classic old school Main Street &  todays avant-guarde building type.  Combine housing & a modest business space. 

Independence for Our Mountain Village.

On this day of independence, Mountainside Village recommits to goals of independence that our little village was founded on.   These include increasing our independence from fossil fuels, imported food and lifestyles that don’t nourish our souls.  Our successes have been modest but real.  We aim to do more.




Mountainside Village is a growing community. We offer several exciting ways to become a part of what is going on here:

Our Community

Vibrant neighborhood communities don’t just happen. It takes good planning and thoughtful design to create rich, authentic communities. 

Homes for sale

The design of the Red Mountain Way micro homes prove that small homes can live large.