Mountainside Village - A Model Of Thoughtful Design

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Picnic Pond at Mountainside Village


View from the Village Hillside


Creek fronting houses to be intruduced in phases 3 and 4

We are now gearing up for Future Phases at Mountainside Village.  From pond to hillside lots, these new properties are in high demand. We invite you to sign up on our Waiting List to have a priority opportunity to purchase when these properties become avialable.  

MsV Phase III

Coming Soon! The lots available in Phase III will be truly signature spaces for our authentic mountainside village. Whether pond fronting or nestled along our small creek, these lots take advantage of the area’s rare scenic beauty. Surrounded by the warmth of a true community, Seventeen Phase III homes will front courtyards and enchanting walks and be accessed by vehicle through hidden rear lanes. Lots offered in this phase include more of our popular Boulevard, Side-Yard, Village and Cottage lots, as well as the first of our larger Edge lots.

We invite you to sign up on our phase III waiting list to have a priority opportunity to purchase when properties in this new phase become avialable.  

Phase III Waitlist
New Cottage Courtyard - Phase III

Mountainside Village specializes in “place making” – creating spaces that feel comfortable, warm and welcoming from the moment you set foot in them. Oriented around landscaped central commons, our Cottage Courtyards create places for community to thrive, with front porches that feel good to sit on and paths that connect each home to the neighborhood’s tree-lined streets. The care taken in this design makes a difference, as anyone who spends time in one of our Cottage Courtyards will tell you. The Phase III Cottage Courtyard will be an opportunity to build your home in this special setting. Courtyard lots in Phase III are similar to those in Phase I, but slightly larger. Come feel the effect of this kind of space for yourself by visiting our existing Phase I Cottage Courtyard.

Pond Lots - introduced phase in III

A select few lots will back onto the Mountainside Village Pond. People have been waiting years for building sites to become available in this unique and popular location. These properties will be in high demand. You may sign up now to be notified as soon as they become available.

Pond Courtyard Homes - introduced phase in III

Building on the idea of the cottage courtyard, we are introducing creek fronting cottages.

Houses will front a common green just as in the original cottage courtyard. This special area will also have a small creek winding through three linked courtyards. Houses front the creek and adjacent walkway with parking spaces and garages accessed by small lanes hidden behind the homes. The south end of these linked courts is Picnic Pond, allowing these courts to become extensions of the existing pond commons. 

Edge Lots

Edge Lots are larger than typical Mountainside Village lots. These properties occupy the transition area from the more compact village core to the more open hillside area.

Hillside Lots

Hillside lots will create sites for homes nestled into the hillside with great views to the valley below. These larger lots will contain designated building envelopes to keep construction compact and to allow the properties to meld with the generous designated hillside open spaces. Low profile homes will blend with the hillside and protect views.

Picnic Pond

Mountainside Village’s Picnic Pond provides enjoyment for our community in every season. A wonderful swimming hole in summer or a place to skate in the winter, the pond is one of the neighborhood’s special gems. With three sand beaches, a regulation-size beach volleyball court, beautiful native landscaping and a lovely walking path, the pond is a village treasure. Planted with native wetland sedge, aspen,willow and dogwood, Picnic Pond and its surrounding commons provide habitat for birds and wildlife. Water in this 20’ deep pond is rechargeddaily to keep it fresh and clear. All irrigation water for the community flows through it. Providing cool relief on hot summerdays, Picnic Pond and its shaded seating areas offer an incredible venue to watch the sun go down over the Big Hole mountains.*

Retreat Center

Nestled at the the base of the hillside is a perfect site for a retreat center, bed and breakfast or a group of get away cabins. This site was identified in our master plan to allow lodging. We think it's an ideal spot for a health and education based get away. The site is adjacent to hillside trails and our neighborhood farm. This could be the ideal spot for the next generation demonstration of living in harmony with the land. Think about the possibilities of integrating education, local food production and healthy living.