Choose from a broad variety of property types. Whether you're looking for a cozy cottage or a place to start a small business, we have a spot for you. The neighborhood layout is flexible by design to ensure that a variety of uses can be accommodated while keeping our attractive streetscapes and neighborhood compatibility. (See PDF Site Plan Below)

Residential House Lots at Mountainside Village: We are proud to offer several beautiful and varied house lots upon which you can build the home of your dreams. Rest assured that our visionary designers have done the work to ensure that all of our lots fit together seamlessly to create a vibrant and comfortable community.  Our form-based code includes custom lot standards for each lot type. All lots are on City of Victor water and sewer service. Sewer lines are deep enough to provide basement service. If you have been waiting, it's time to act! You can still catch some fanatstic low prices. 

The Village Center

The Village Center: Properties are in the mixed-use core of Mountainside Village. Uses envisioned in these buildings include residential, professional office, food services, limited neighborhood retail and lodging. Retail is to be limited to ground floor only. Jump-start your business at a very economical cost in a prime location fronting the Village Green. These lots are coded for zero lot line construction to maximize site use and construction economy. PARTNERSHIPS WILL BE CONSIDERED - WORK WITH US TO CREATE THE IDEAL SPOT FOR YOUR BUSINESS!

The Mountain Lodge

The Mountain Lodge: is a two-plus story flexible-use structure resembling a large lodge. The building is designed to compliment the surrounding structures and can accommodate a variety of uses, including rental or for-sale apartments, professional offices, a bed and breakfast, or a large single-family detached house. The buildings are of a scale compatible with the housing in Mountainside Village. Ask us about the free standing micro-housing options designed for a Mountain Lodge lot.   

The Cottage

The Cottage: is a small detached residential unit.The base cottages are designed to be 1,000 to 1,300 square feet. The developer has approved specific designs for cottages to ensure the expected architectural and construction quality.

The Village House

The Village House: is designed to be a one and a half story, single-family detached house. Height will generally be limited by solar envelope regulations rather than maximum height.

The Side-Yard House

The Side-Yard House: is designed to be a one-and-a-half story or two story, single-family detached house. On Side-Yard lots, the house is set to the north side of the lot to allow for a sunny, south sideyard. The Side-Yard house is conceived as longer on the east-west axis to take best advantage of solar access. Height will generally be limited by solar envelope regulations rather than maximum height. Accessory units and small towers are permitted. (Side-Yard Lot Standard Link)

The Boulevard House

The Boulevard Lots: are the largest and most flexible residential properties available. The larger lot widths allow for accessory units to be either above garages or as small, stand-alone cottages. The design code allows a full two to two-and-a-half story construction, making this both a very flexible and economical residential lot to build on. The Boulevard House is conceived as longer on the east-west axis to take best advantage of solar access and to prominently front Mountainside Boulevard. Boulevard Lot Standard Link Accessory units are allowed.

Micro House / Live Work Lots

Micro House / Live Work Lots 8-14 & 24-27: now allow free-standing, small houses and limited house lot combos. Call for details. We even managed to ensure solar access for passive solar heating for free-standing homes on these properties. (See Smart House)