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Village Design

Village Master Plan

Mountainside Village - A Model Of Thoughtful Design

Vibrant neighborhoods don’t just happen. It takes good planning and thoughtful design to create rich, authentic communities; a community with 'Good Bones'.  The design team at Mountainside Village worked hard to capture the magic of the places we love. The result is a community where you run into friends and neighbors walking down the tree-lined streets.

This village has been designed to support the high-quality lifestyle you deserve.

What Sets Mountainside Village Apart?

  • Tree lined streets fronted by porches not garages.
  • Accessory Units, accessed by rear lanes.
  • A growing trail and pathway network both in the village and on nearby public lands.
  • Open space network transitions from the park-like village green, boulevard and pond areas, to natural open-spaces on the hillside. 
  • High speed fiber optic connectivity. 
  • A variety of housing types, building types and uses.  This is not a one size fits all kind of place. 
  • Protected solar envelopes.  By design, houses don't shade their neighbors.  
  • Integrated food growing opportunities include yards guaranteed sun by the protected solar envelopes and the expanded Full Circle Farm
  • A stunning and very convenient site at the base of Teton Pass & the East Side of Victor Idaho. 
  • Access to hiking and mountain biking from our backyard.

We encourage you to visit, take a walk and see that our attention to detail has created a truly magical place.

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Mountainside Village is a growing community. We offer several exciting ways to become a part of what is going on here:

Our Community

Vibrant neighborhood communities don’t just happen. It takes good planning and thoughtful design to create rich, authentic communities. 

Homes for sale

The design of the Red Mountain Way micro homes prove that small homes can live large.